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LPG Forklift Trucks

With its versatility, our LPG forklift is suitable for a wide range of applications, including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and distribution centers.
Our LPG forklift boasts a robust engine that delivers impressive power, allowing for efficient handling of heavy loads and enhanced productivity.

LPG Forklift Specifications


To learn more about the current Zhongbang LPG forklifts truck models available for purchase, We recommend visiting our official website or contacting their authorized dealers and distributors. 

8000      26
Load Capacity              Travel Speed Full Load
(kg) (km/h)
Gasoline/LPG      4160
Fuel Type          Overall Length (fork excluded)
2165    2560
Overall Width      Overhead Guard Height
(mm) (mm)  
Models for LPG Forklift Trucks
      Model                                                         Load Capacity                                  Weight                      Max Travel Speed             Max Lift Speed            Max Gradeability
                                                                                                                                                                                         Full Load                         Full Load                           Full Load
​                                                                                      (KG)                                              (KG)                                    (KM/H)                                (M/S)                                   (%)


True Multi-Purpose LPG Forklift is a forklift that is designed and built to handle a wide range of tasks and applications beyond the traditional lifting and moving of pallets and materials. It offers versatility and adaptability, allowing it to perform various functions in different industries and environments.

Key Safety Features

Safety is a top priority, and our LPG forklift is equipped with advanced safety features such as stability systems, ergonomic controls, and enhanced visibility, ensuring a safe working environment.

Easy Service

1. Short wheelbase design, large corer steering axle, front and rear wheels standard with solid tires, effectively reduce the turning radius. 2. Adjustable seats, and small diameter steering wheel, suitable for different drivers.

Durability and Reliability

1. All standard with LED lamps energy efficient longer service life. 2. Built with high-quality materials and components, our LPG forklift offers exceptional durability and reliability, capable of withstanding demanding work conditions and providing long-lasting performance. 3. Overhead guard heightening design, the roof with high-strength steel plate stamping. The height can meet the requirements of European and American customers.

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