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Z Series Electric Forklift Trucks

ZHONGBANG Electric Forklifts, Electric forklifts, also known as electric-powered forklift trucks or battery-powered forklifts, are industrial vehicles used for material handling and lifting purposes. They are powered by electric motors and utilize rechargeable batteries instead of internal combustion engines. Electric forklifts offer several advantages over their diesel or gasoline counterparts, including environmental benefits, lower operating costs, and improved maneuverability.


Z Series Electric Forklift Specifications

Z series electric forklift trucks, covering a wide range of tonnages from 1.5t to 5t, can meet your needs of efficiency priority, and pursue high lifting speed, high traveling speed, large-capacity batteries, excellent ergonomics, as well as ease of operation and safety.

2500      12
Load Capacity              Travel Speed Full Load
(kg) (km/h)
76.8   2535
Electrical System Overall Length (fork excluded)
(V) (mm)
1160 2095
Overall Width      Overhead Guard Height