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3 Wheel Electric Forklifts

Three-wheel electric forklift trucks are specialized vehicles used for material handling in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and other indoor environments. As the name suggests, they have three wheels, with two wheels in the front and a single wheel at the rear. The front wheels are used for steering, while the rear wheel provides stability and balance.We differentiate our three-wheeled electric forklifts by offering superior maneuverability, advanced electric technology, customization options, operator comfort, safety features, durability, efficient energy management and comprehensive after-sales support.

Three Wheels Forlift Specifications


To learn more about the current Zhongbang 3-wheel electric models available for purchase, We recommend visiting our official website or contacting their authorized dealers and distributors. 

1500      8
Load Capacity              Travel Speed Full Load
(kg) (km/h)
48      1830
Electrical System Overall Length (fork excluded)
(V) (mm)

1018     1905
Overall Width      Overhead Guard Height
(mm) (mm)  
Models for 3-Wheel Electric Forklift
      Model                                                         Load Capacity                               Weight                     Max Travel Speed         Max Lift Speed                Max Gradeability
                                                                                                                                                                                 Full Load                          Full Load                             Full Load
​                                                                                      (KG)                                              (KG)                            (KM/H)                                   (M/S)                                      (%)


True Multi-Purpose Three Wheel Forklift is a forklift that is designed and built to handle a wide range of tasks and applications beyond the traditional lifting and moving of pallets and materials. It offers versatility and adaptability, allowing it to perform various functions in different industries and environments.

3-Wheel Electric Forklift Features

High Quality

Built with high-quality materials and components, our forklift is designed for durability and long-term reliability, reducing maintenance requirements and maximizing uptime.


1. Our forklift incorporates cutting-edge electric technology, providing efficient and reliable performance while minimizing environmental impact with zero emissions and reduced noise levels. 2. Our three-wheel electric forklift excels in agility and maneuverability, allowing for seamless navigation in tight spaces and narrow aisles where larger forklifts may struggle.

High Value

1. Our forklift incorporates intelligent power management systems, optimizing energy usage and extending battery life, resulting in longer operation times and increased productivity. 2. Our forklift prioritizes operator comfort with ergonomics design, adjustable features, and intuitive controls, promoting productivity and reducing operator fatigue. 3. We offer a range of customization options, allowing customers to tailor the forklift to their specific needs, including attachments, load capacities, and ergonomic features.

Key Safety Features

Our forklift is equipped with advanced safety features, including stability systems, operator detection, and enhanced visibility, ensuring a safe working environment for operators and bystanders.

Easy Service

We provide excellent after-sales support, including maintenance services, spare parts availability, and training programs, ensuring customer satisfaction and minimizing downtime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a 3 wheel forklift called?
Three wheel forklifts, also referred to as a "Twiggy," are typically electric and counterbalanced with a triangular wheel base. These forklifts have three wheels - two in front and one center wheel in the rear.
Q: What is the turning radius of a 3 wheel electric forklift?

The electric 3 wheel counterbalance forklift truck adopts a 3-point supporting system. The turning radius is 1690mm. The forklift can realize smooth turning to navigate narrow warehouse layouts.

Q: What is a Class 3 forklift?

Class III: Electric motor hand trucks or hand/rider trucks. Class IV: Internal combustion engine trucks (solid/cushion tires) Class V: Internal combustion engine trucks (pneumatic tires) Class VI: Electric and internal combustion engine tractors. Class VII: Rough terrain forklift trucks.

Q: What is the width of a 3 wheel forklift aisle?

11-foot to 12-foot Aisle Dimensions Needed for a 3-Wheel Forklift Most warehouse managers will clear 11-foot to 12-foot aisles for 3-wheel counterbalanced lift trucks.

Q: Are forklifts 12v or 24v?

Forklift batteries are heavy duty industrial batteries, sometimes called traction batteries, usually made up of high amp hour 2 volt lead acid cells assembled (series) in a case in quantities to add up to the forklift operating voltage, be it 12 volt, 24 volt, 36 volt, 48 volt or 72 volt. Most are 36 or 48 volt.

Q: What is the advantage of a 3 wheel forklift?

Three wheel forklifts have a much smaller turning circle than those with four wheels, and they also tend to be much lower in cost. If you are dealing with tight spaces they are an absolute godsend, and provide a sleek alternative where a four wheel model may be seen as overkill.

Q: How much does a 3 wheel forklift weigh?

An electric (3-wheel) forklift with a lifting capacity of 3,000 lbs. weighs approximately 6,100 lbs. The same model with an internal combustion engine weighs between 5,900 and 5,500 lbs.

Q: What is the turning radius of a 3 wheel electric forklift?

The electric 3 wheel counterbalance forklift truck adopts a 3-point supporting system. The turning radius is 1690mm. The forklift can realize smooth turning to navigate narrow warehouse layouts.

Q: Are three wheels better than four?