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Electric forklifts, also known as electric-powered forklift trucks or battery-powered forklifts, are industrial vehicles used for material handling and lifting purposes. They are powered by electric motors and utilize rechargeable batteries instead of internal combustion engines. Electric forklifts offer several advantages over their diesel or gasoline counterparts, including environmental benefits, lower operating costs, and improved maneuverability.ZHONGBANG ElectroLift Solutions is a leading Electric forklifts manufacturer based in the China, dedicated to providing high-quality, high-performance electric forklifts to meet the needs of various industrial and logistics applications. With years of industry experience, we are renowned for our innovative and excellent engineering designs, offering reliable and efficient solutions to our customers.Our product line encompasses various types of electric forklifts to cater to diverse requirements:

  • Counterbalance Forklift: These are the most common forklifts and come in both electric and internal combustion engine models. They are designed to carry heavy loads and have a weight in the back to counterbalance the load in the front.

  • Warehouse Forklift: Specifically designed for use in narrow aisles and tight spaces within warehouses. They are highly maneuverable and can lift loads to great heights.

  • Pallet Jack: Also known as a pallet truck or pump truck, these forklifts are used to lift and move pallets within a warehouse or distribution center. They are often manual or electric.

  • Order Picker: These forklifts are used for order fulfillment in warehouses. They allow the operator to pick items directly from high storage racks.

  • Reach Truck: Similar to warehouse forklifts but designed for even narrower aisles. They have a pantograph mechanism that extends the forks to reach high storage locations.

  • Rough Terrain Forklift: These forklifts are designed for outdoor use on uneven and rough terrain. They are commonly used in construction and agriculture.

  • Telescopic Handler: Also known as a telehandler, these forklifts have a telescoping boom that can extend forward and upward. They are often used in construction for tasks like lifting materials to elevated areas.

  • Industrial Forklift: These are versatile forklifts used in various industrial settings. They come in different sizes and load capacities.

  • Articulated Forklift: These forklifts have a unique articulated design that allows them to maneuver in very tight spaces. They are often used in warehouses with narrow aisles.

  • Sideloader Forklift: These forklifts have forks on the side of the vehicle and are used for handling long or oversized loads, such as timber or steel.

  • 4-Wheel and 3-Wheel Electric Forklifts: Electric forklifts are powered by batteries and are environmentally friendly. They are suitable for indoor use and are quieter than internal combustion forklifts.

  • Narrow Aisle Forklift: These forklifts are designed for use in very narrow aisles. They often have a special mechanism for turning within the aisle.

  • Walkie Stacker: These are smaller electric forklifts that are operated by a person walking behind them. They are commonly used in retail and small-scale warehousing.

  • Reach Stacker: These forklifts are used in container handling at ports and terminals. They have a telescopic boom and are designed for stacking containers.

  • Turret Truck: Turret trucks are used in high-density storage warehouses. They can rotate the forks 90 degrees to retrieve loads from very narrow aisles.

  • Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV): AGVs are autonomous forklifts that can transport materials without an operator. They are often used in manufacturing and distribution centers.

X35 350Ah Series Electric Forklift

Zhongbang Electric Controller; 
80V/350 Ah Lithium-ion Battery; 
100A Vehicle Mounted Motor; 
Front pneumatic tires, rear solid tires; 
1070mm fork; 
3m Mast; 
AC Permanent Magnet Motor


X30 350Ah Series Electric Forklift

  • Electric forklifts, also known as electric-powered forklift trucks or battery-powered forklifts, are industrial vehicles used for material handling and lifting purposes. They are powered by electric motors and utilize rechargeable batteries instead of internal combustion engines. Electric forklifts offer several advantages over their diesel or gasoline counterparts, including environmental benefits, lower operating costs, and improved maneuverability.

    Here are some key features and benefits of Zhong Bang electric forklifts:

    Environmental friendliness: Electric forklifts produce zero emissions at the point of use, making them an eco-friendly alternative to forklifts powered by fossil fuels. They contribute to reducing air pollution and noise levels in indoor and outdoor environments.

    Cost savings: Electric forklifts generally have lower operating costs compared to diesel or gas-powered forklifts. While the initial purchase price of electric forklifts may be higher, they require less maintenance and have lower fuel costs. Additionally, electricity is often cheaper than diesel or gasoline.

    Energy efficiency: Electric forklifts convert a higher percentage of energy from their batteries into actual work, resulting in greater energy efficiency compared to internal combustion engine forklifts. This efficiency translates into longer operating hours on a single charge, reducing the need for frequent battery replacements.

    Quieter operation: Electric forklifts operate with reduced noise levels compared to internal combustion engine forklifts, making them suitable for noise-sensitive environments such as warehouses or retail spaces.

    Improved maneuverability: Electric forklifts often have a smaller turning radius and better maneuverability due to their compact design. This feature is particularly beneficial in confined spaces or narrow aisles.

    Regenerative braking: Many electric forklifts feature regenerative braking systems that convert energy back into the battery when the brakes are applied. This regenerative feature helps to extend the battery life and improve overall efficiency.

    Operator comfort and safety: Electric forklifts generally offer a smoother ride due to reduced vibrations and quieter operation. They also eliminate the exposure to exhaust fumes, reducing health risks for operators. Additionally, Electric forklifts can be equipped with safety features such as speed limiters and automatic braking systems.

    It's worth noting that the specific capabilities and features of electric forklifts can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. When choosing an electric forklift, factors such as load capacity, lifting height, battery capacity, and available charging infrastructure should be considered to ensure it meets the requirements of the intended application.

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