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High Level Order Picker

The Zhongbang Order Picker stands as the ultimate solution for conquering the most demanding high-reaching warehouse requirements. With the capability to elevate goods to towering heights of up to 390 inches, and featuring a cushioned mast staging, this innovation empowers operators to access the highest racks with unprecedented ease, revolutionizing the order picking process.

3,000 - 4,000

Load Capacity


3,000 - 4,000

Length to Forkface

36 / 48

Electrical System


3,000 - 4,000

Overhead Guard Height

3,000 - 4,000

Travel Speed Full Load


3,000 - 4,000

Overall Width

Models for Order Picker Electric Forklift
Model      Load Capacity     Max Travel Speed Full Load      Max Lift Speed Full Load      Max Gradeability Full Load     Basic Right Angle Stack
​                     (lbs.)                          (MPH)                                             (FPM)                                   (%)                                         (in.)
Order Picker Forklift Specifications


To learn more about the current Zhongbang Order Picker Forklift models available for purchase, We recommend visiting our official website or contacting their authorized dealers and distributors. 


Order picker forklifts, also known as stock picker forklifts, are specialized material handling machines used primarily in warehouses and distribution centers for retrieving items from high storage locations. These forklifts are designed with features that enhance efficiency, safety, and productivity in order picking tasks.

Order Picker Forklift Features

High Quality

The forklift is built with a focus on quality, which implies it is manufactured using robust materials and advanced engineering techniques. High-quality components contribute to the forklift's reliability and performance, ensuring it can withstand heavy-duty usage.


Durability is a crucial factor for any forklift. A durable forklift can handle the wear and tear of daily operations and is less prone to breakdowns or premature failures. A durable 3-wheel electric forklift is likely to have a longer lifespan, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

High Value

High value indicates that the forklift offers a favorable balance between its cost and the benefits it provides. This means that customers can expect to get a lot of utility, efficiency, and productivity in exchange for their investment. A high-value forklift typically delivers excellent performance without excessively high operating costs.

Key Safety Features

1. Platform with Operator Cage: - Order picker forklifts are equipped with a platform or cage in which the operator stands. This platform can be raised and lowered to access items stored at various heights. 2. Lift Height: - These forklifts have a significant lift height, allowing operators to reach and retrieve items from high racks and shelves. The lift height can vary from model to model. 3. Load Capacity: - Order picker forklifts come in different load capacity options, typically ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 pounds (454 to 1,814 kilograms). The load capacity depends on the specific model and application. 4. Adjustable Platform Height: - The platform height is adjustable to reach different storage levels. Some models allow precise positioning with electric or hydraulic controls. 5. Fork Length and Width: - The forks on order picker forklifts can be adjusted to accommodate various pallet sizes and configurations. Fork width and length options provide versatility. 6. Safety Rails and Guardrails: - Operator cages are equipped with safety rails and guardrails to prevent falls or accidents when the platform is raised. These features enhance operator safety. 7. Controls and Instruments: - The control panel on the operator cage provides access to essential functions, including raising and lowering the platform, forward and reverse movement, and emergency stop controls. 8. Maneuverability: - Order picker forklifts are designed for maneuverability in narrow aisles and confined spaces, allowing operators to efficiently navigate through the warehouse. 9. Battery-Powered: - Most order picker forklifts are powered by rechargeable batteries, providing clean and quiet operation for indoor use. Battery technology has advanced to offer longer runtimes. 10. Onboard Charger: - Some models come equipped with onboard battery chargers, allowing the forklift to be conveniently charged at any standard electrical outlet. 11. Tilt and Steering Controls: - Tilt and steering controls provide precise handling and stability, even at high elevations. 12. Safety Features: - Safety features include emergency stop buttons, anti-rollback mechanisms, load backrests, and horn systems to ensure safe operation. 13. Operator Comfort: - Operator comfort features such as adjustable seats, ergonomic controls, and anti-fatigue mats reduce operator fatigue during extended shifts. 14. LED Lighting: - LED lighting on the platform or forks improves visibility when retrieving items from high racks, especially in poorly lit areas. 15. Attachments and Accessories: - Order picker forklifts can be equipped with various attachments and accessories to handle specific tasks, such as clamps or specialty forks. 16. Remote Control: - Some models come with remote control options, allowing operators to control the forklift from the ground for added convenience and safety. These features collectively make order picker forklifts versatile and efficient tools for retrieving items from high storage locations in warehouses and distribution centers while ensuring operator safety and productivity.

Easy Service

Zhongbang is known for its commitment to engineering high-quality forklift models that deliver reliable and intuitive performance day in and day out. Their forklifts are designed with top-notch components and meticulously planned integrated systems to ensure optimal functionality. Zhongbang Forklifts are built to be dependable and require minimal service, but when maintenance is necessary, the process is fast and easy, thanks to their thoughtful design. Zhongbang's reputation for legendary quality means that their forklifts offer increased productivity over the entire lifespan of the equipment while keeping repair costs lower. One of their popular models, the 3-Wheel Electric Forklift, is equipped with maintenance-free AC motors, ensuring smooth and efficient operation without the need for constant upkeep. The forklift also features a programmable maintenance timer, which allows operators to set reminders for routine servicing. This helps in maintaining the forklift in top condition and ensures that it operates at peak performance levels. With 100% on-board programming and diagnostics, the 3-Wheel Electric Forklift provides convenience and peace of mind for operators, as they don't have to manually track service schedules. The forklift itself will prompt them when it's time for maintenance, streamlining the process and maximizing uptime. Zhongbang's focus on quality, reliability, and ease of maintenance makes their forklifts a popular choice in various industries. Customers can count on Zhongbang Forklifts to deliver dependable performance and efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of their equipment, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings. Whether it's the smooth operation of maintenance-free AC motors or the intuitive programming and diagnostics system, Zhongbang consistently delivers on its commitment to excellence in the forklift industry.

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Q: What is an electric order picker?

What is an Electric Order Picker? An order picker is a piece of equipment used to assist operators in comfortably reaching the tallest racks for order picking.

Q: What is the job description of an order picker?

An Order Picker, or Picker Packer, is responsible for reading incoming orders and selecting the correct items from the warehouse shelves before staging them for delivery.

Q: What is the difference between a forklift and an order picker?

An Order Picker is similar to that of a forklift but with a much different purpose. Order pickers are helpful to warehouses for inventory, identifying items, and moving them. Whereas forklifts can lift many items all at once, an order picker is perfect for moving single items or orders, hence the name.

Q: Is order picker easy job?

Working as an order picker can be physically demanding as it involves moving around a warehouse and lifting and carrying items. Some of the tasks that an order picker might be responsible for include: Operating an order picker or other material handling equipment safely and efficiently.

Q: What are the skills of an order picker?

The most common order picker hard skill is customer orders. 13.0% of order pickers have this skill on their resume. The second most common hard skill for an order picker is basic math appearing on 11.1% of resumes. The third most common order picker skill is pallets on 10.7% of resumes.

Q: How can I be a good order picker?

1. Organize with popular items in mind. “ ... 2. Take a second look at your most basic organizational tools. “ ... 3. Increase productivity by focusing on ergonomics. ... 4. Ensure that your WMS and ERP are properly synced. ... 5. Increase your operational visibility. “ ... 6. Guarantee that all inventory is 100% available. “

Q: Is picking orders hard?

Although their work is mainly physical, order pickers must have a keen eye for detail, excellent organizational abilities, and the capacity to move fast and accurately. Order picking is hard work that is very important to the success of the order fulfillment process.

Q: Is it hard being an order picker?
Is order picking a hard job? It is a physically demanding job, but most companies value safety and make it a top priority. Order pickers need physical strength and stamina to lift heavy objects on the job all day.
Q: What is another name for an order picker?

Other order picker names include cherry pickers, stock pickers, order selectors, and warehouse selectors.

Q: What are the three levels of order picking?

Choosing the right picking method have a huge impact on warehouse efficiency and productivity. The basic picking methods are wave picking, batch picking or zone picking. Most warehouses use one, or a combination, of these three methods.

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