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Heavy Duty Forklifts

Heavy-duty forklifts, also known as industrial forklifts or large-capacity forklifts, are specialized vehicles used for lifting and moving heavy loads in various industrial settings. These forklifts are designed to handle heavier weights and often come with enhanced features to ensure safety and efficiency. They play a crucial role in material handling operations in industries such as construction, manufacturing, warehouses, shipping ports, and more.
Heavy Duty Forklifts Specifications


To learn more about the current Zhongbang Heavy Duty Forklifts models available for purchase, We recommend visiting our official website or contacting their authorized dealers and distributors. 

13500      26
Load Capacity              Travel Speed Full Load
(kg) (km/h)
Diesel      6055
Fuel Type          Overall Length (fork excluded)
2250      3090
Overall Width      Overhead Guard Height
(mm) (mm)  
Models for Heavy Duty Forklifts
      Model                                                                  Load Capacity                               Weight                                Max Travel Speed          Max Lift Speed        Max Gradeability
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Full Load                        Full Load                     Full Load
​                                                                                      (KG)                                                  (KG)                                               (KM/H)                            (M/S)                              (%)


Our new range of heavy forklifts can handle loads of 13.5 to 36 tonnes with ease. They have been built to deliver on power and performance - yet designed to feel as agile and smooth to operate as a much smaller machine. No matter what you are lifting in your foundry, factory, terminal or assembly line, the new Heavy Forklift range will do it efficiently, effectively and safely.Product Features

Heavy Duty Forklifts Features

High Quality

1. Using domestic high quality electrical components, maintenance-free battery, the wire resistance of flame-retardant materials, reliable and durable. Cabin matched with fan, radios, air conditioner, reversing display, can match with weighting machine according to customers’ requirements. 2. Adopt long wheelbase, box double beam frame, can provide good rigidity and strength, to ensure the high reliability of forklift truck chassis. 3. Use Hangchi, Sanchi planet type hydraulic power shift transmission, big traction in combined operating condition, the transmission system more reliable.


1. Front axle adopt heavy duty type driving axle, enlarge size of axle housing, hub and bearing, spiral bevel gear and wheel planetary wheel deceleration increasing twist, steel structure bridge shell support, increase the load capacity and service life. 2. Adopted quick hitch shelf, change quickly; Hydraulic fork positioner, easy to adjust. Cascade high strength fork, more wear-resisting, can multiply service life.

High Value

1. Adopt Cummins, Weichai, Yuchai turbocharging engine, powerful, energy conservation, environmental protection, satisfies the requirement of high efficiency operation.

Key Safety Features

1. Adopt double turbine hydraulic torque converter, stepless speed change, single lever control for the speed changing, easier for operation. 2. Variable speed control valve matched with neutral starter, the machine start more secure. 3. Using four heavy caliper disc brake, thicken brake disc, the rear air tank, 18 times braking pressure strength ratio, heat dissipation faster, reliable and safe operation

Easy Service

Domestication parts, standardization, cost-effective, parts commonality good easy procurement, daily maintenance is simple and quick.

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Q: What is heavy duty forklift?

These internal combustion high capacity lift trucks offer lifting capacities from 19,000-105,000 pounds. Hyster heavy duty forklifts can be used in many industries and applications from lumber yards to ports, shipyards, concrete plants and steel mills.

Q: How much weight can a heavy duty forklift lift?

Typically, forklift capacities vary from 3,000 lbs. to more than 70,000 lbs. Furthermore, Zhongkang requires forklift operators to handle only loads rated for the capacity of their truck.

Q: What is the difference between light and heavy forklifts?

Light Forklifts criterion- Weight is less than 2.5 tons. Heavy forklifts criterion- weight is more than 2.5 tons.

Q: What is a big forklift called?

Industrial Forklift An industrial forklift is also called a large-capacity forklift. The payloads and lifting capacity of an industrial forklift is much higher than a warehouse forklift. They can lift more weight much higher than other forklifts.

Q: How do I choose a forklift capacity?

There are various factors you should consider when choosing a forklift for your company to ensure it delivers the capacity required to meet your needs: 1. Average load weight. 2. Aisle space width. 3. Forklift usage per day/week. 4. Indoor or outdoor use. 5. Load lifting height.

Q: What is a big forklift called?

Industrial Forklift An industrial forklift is also called a large-capacity forklift. The payloads and lifting capacity of an industrial forklift is much higher than a warehouse forklift. They can lift more weight much higher than other forklifts.

Q: What is the heaviest capacity forklift?

What is the heaviest a forklift can lift? Currently, the heaviest a forklift can lift is 198,000 pounds. However, most standard high-capacity forklifts will have a maximum lifting capacity of around 40,000 to 100,000 pounds.

Q: What are the dimensions of a heavy duty forklift?

A standard warehouse forklift is about 85-90 inches tall with the mast lowered — about seven to seven-and-a-half feet. However, with the masts extended to the full height, the forklift can reach about 165-175 inches, which is about 13.5-14.5 feet.