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Diesel Forklift Truck


Diesel Forklift Truck

The Diesel Forklift Truck is an essential asset in the realm of material handling, embodying power, durability, and versatility. Designed to excel in a multitude of industrial environments, this robust forklift is tailor-made for warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and construction sites.

Diesel Forklift Specifications


To learn more about the current diesel liftforks models available for purchase, We recommend visiting our official website or contacting their authorized dealers and distributors. 

2500      17
Load Capacity              Travel Speed Full Load
(kg) (km/h)
Diesel      2540
Fuel Type          Overall Length (fork excluded)
1164      2140
Overall Width      Overhead Guard Height
(mm) (mm)  
Models for Diesel Forklift
                     Model                                     Load Capacity                               Weight                              Max Travel Speed          Max Lift Speed             Max Gradeability
                                                                                                                                                                                      Full Load                            Full Load                           Full Load
​                                                                              (KG)                                              (KG)                                          (KM/H)                                  (M/S)                                     (%)


Diesel forkllifts demonstrate impressive performance in industrial and warehouse environments, boasting a range of remarkable features. Renowned for their outstanding performance and versatility, diesel forklifts are capable of handling various challenging material handling tasks. With their powerful engines, robust construction, and efficient operation, they have become indispensable tools in the industrial and warehouse sectors, contributing to increased productivity and ensuring efficient logistics operations.

Diesel Forklift Features

Enhanced Safety Features

Enhanced Safety Features: 1. Steering oil tube and instrument wire harness are arranged separately, which is clear, easy to maintain, and improves the safety of the electrical system. 2. Adopting sinking mast structure to improve the stability of the mast and reduce the tension and pressure of the tilting cylinder, thus reducing the failure rate of the hydraulic system. 3. The drive axle and steering axle body adopt integral casting molding, which greatly improves the reliability of the whole vehicle. 4. Aluminous plate-fin radiator, hot wind backflow preventing baffle, optimized counterweight cooling channel improve the truck’s cooling ability.

Easy of Service

1. Transmission filter element and hydraulic return oil filter adopt external structure, which is more convenient and quicker for repair and maintenance. 2. Enlarged hood opening angle provides more spacious working space for inspection and maintenance. 3. The front bottom plate adopts an integral pin structure, which can be opened without tools, greatly improving the convenience of daily maintenance and repair.

Lower Pollution

1. High efficiency hydraulic system decreases the fuel consumption. 2. Various brands and models of engines are available; Optional engine in compliance with new EU EC and US EPA regulations
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Q: What conditions do cushion or solid tires operate best on?

A cushion tire will give you better traction on a dry surface, but they do not work well in moist environments. You can use cushion tires for light outdoor use on asphalt surfaces. Because cushion tires have a lower clearance than pneumatic, they are unable to maneuver over rough surfaces.

Q: What are the two types of pneumatic tires?

There are two types, solid pneumatics and air pneumatics. The air pneumatics are filled with air, while the solid pneumatics are made of rubber and more puncture-proof.

Q: Are forklifts that utilize cushion tires higher to the ground?

If you are working in tight quarters with narrow aisles, a cushion tire forklift may be your best option, as they have an excellent turning radius and are lower to the ground.

Q: Do forklifts have inflated tires?

Our forklift manufacturers build forklifts to operate safely with specific wheels and tires. You'll often be able to switch from smooth cushion to traction cushion, or pneumatic to solid pneumatic tires, but it is rare you can go from a cushion tire to a pneumatic tire and vice versa.

Q: How does a forklift lift and lower?

Once the cylinders have enough pressure, the forklift will have the power to push the pistons upward. These pistons push the masts up, which then engage a set of chains that pull the forks up and down to raise and lower the load.

Q: Can you change solid forklift tires to pneumatic?

You can use solid tires on the front of the lift and air on the back, or vice versa. You must run the same type of tire on the opposite sides, drive and steer axles.

Q: How to choose forklift tires?

If you are working on dry surfaces, smooth forklift tires will get the job done. If you are working in areas that are susceptible to moisture or wet surfaces, you will do better to opt for traction forklift tires to reduce slippage.

Q: What pressure are forklift tyres?

Forklift trucks equipped with pneumatic tyres operate at a high air pressure of up to 10 bar.

Q: Can a forklift get a flat tire?

Air pneumatic tires are the least expensive of the Toyota forklift tire options, and they offer the smoothest ride. However, they're subject to flats if punctured and can offer the largest long-term expense due to often replacement. They wear the quickest tire options as well.

Q: What are solid pneumatic forklift tires?

Solid Pneumatic Forklift tires, also known as Pneumatic Shaped Solid Tires, come in all the same sizes as the pneumatic tires except that they are solid. Solid pneumatics as with all tires come with tradeoffs. Advantages compared to pneumatics: Reduced downtime on equipment. Flat proof as they have no air.

Q: Should a forklift load uphill or downhill?

Loaded forklifts must be driven with the load pointed up the ramp (good standard practice is to ALWAYS drive with the load pointed up the ramp or slope).

Q: How are forklift tires measured?

Pneumatic dimensions are listed as: “Width x Rim Inside Diameter.” For example, if you're searching for a 21-inch tall cushion forklift tire, it would be listed as “21 x 7 x 15.” Alternatively, a 14-inch wide pneumatic tire would be listed “14 x 24.”

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