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Electric Tow Tractors

The Electric Tow Tractor is an innovative and high-performance industrial vehicle designed to revolutionize material handling and towing operations across various industries. With its advanced features and specifications, this tow tractor is a reliable and efficient solution for a wide range of applications.

Tow Tractors Specifications


To learn more about the current Zhongbang Tow Tractors models available for purchase, We recommend visiting our official website or contacting their authorized dealers and distributors. 

6000      17
Load Capacity              Travel Speed Full Load
(kg) (km/h)
48     1945
Electrical System    Overall Length
(V) (mm)

1010/990      1335
Overall Width      Overhead Height
(mm) (mm)  
Models for Tow Tractors
Model                                                                                 Load Capacity                                                   Weight                                    Max Travel Speed    Max Gradeability                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Full Load                     Full Load 
​                                                                                                     (KG)                                                                  (KG)                                                (KM/H)                            (%)      


Tow tractors, also known as tugger tractors or electric tuggers, are versatile material handling vehicles commonly used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. They are designed to tow multiple trailers or carts simultaneously, making them efficient for moving materials and products within a facility.

Electric Tow Tractors Features

High Quality

1. Good mechanical performance and no pollution 2. Compact design and beautiful appearance


AC power system greatly increase reliability and service life with its high efficiency and complete protection function.

High Value

1. Operating efficiency is high 2. The switch on the left side of the truck has inching function, which has high work efficiency.

Key Safety Features

1. Brand new AC power system provides powerful motivation, more precise control of motor speed performance and various regeneration functions, safer and reliable operation. 2. Emergency cut-off switch can ensure the safety of driving. 3. Low center of gravity, good stability when turning and driving. 4. Tractor dedicated gearbox and drive axle assembly, both of them have compact structure and smooth transmission.

Easy Service

Maintenance free AC motor, which can reduce maintenance costs, leave out multiple contactor of DC electric control improve the reliability.

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Q: What does a tow tractor do?

Let us start with explaining what a tow tractor is. These vehicles can pull one or more load carriers and provide the ideal horizontal transportation solution for delivering materials, such as pallets or items, throughout a facility. They offer an efficient way to move many goods at the same time.

Q: What is tow tractor airport?

In most environments, a narrow aisle is one that measures nine feet or less. For a standard reach truck aisle, account for 9-foot to 9.5-foot aisles.