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Hand Pallet Jack

Our versatile Hand Pallet Jacks –The ultimate solution for effortless pallet movement within warehouses and distribution centers. These robust workhorses are designed to excel in various industries and applications, ensuring a seamless material handling experience.

Hand Pallet Jacks Specifications


A hand pallet jack, often regarded as a top-class range of pallet trucks, offers excellent designs and serves as a professional and ideal storage aid for a wide range of manual transport tasks. These tasks typically involve moving materials and goods over short distances in various settings, including stores, warehouses, and factory plants.

2000      450/520/540/685
Load Capacity             Width Overall Forks
(kg) (mm)
Hand     160*50
Drive Type          Size of Fork E*S
Load Capacity
Models for Hand Pallet Jack
 Model                             Load Capacity             MIN. Fork Height                         Max Fork Height                                                      Steering Wheel    
                                                   (KG)                                 (MM)                                            (KM/H)                                                                            (MM)                              


Hand pallet jacks, despite being manually operated, offer reliable performance for various material handling tasks in stores, warehouses, and factories. Their performance is essential for optimizing efficiency and productivity in these environments.hand pallet jacks offer dependable performance, ease of use, and durability for a variety of material handling applications. Their efficiency in short-distance tasks, combined with their maneuverability and load stability, makes them essential tools in warehouses and other industrial settings. Proper maintenance and operator training are key to maintaining optimal performance and safety.

Hand Pallet Jacks Features

High Quality

The pressure roller and spring lid are enlarged, so it is effortless to carry heavy objects.


Using hard steel, with strong strength, no deformation of long-term heavy goods, and long service life.

High Value

1. High-quality hydraulic pumps, some core components are imported from Germany. 2. Structural parts with fine workmanship and flat surface.

Key Safety Features

Additional entry and exit fork rollers guarantees for maximum stability and safety for transporting goods on slopes.

Easy Service

Excellent galvanized whole casting hydraulic pump robust and durable, with fine control of lowering speed and overload valve, low routine maintenance.

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Q: Do you need training to use a manual pallet truck?
Regulation 9 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98) makes it very clear that an employer must provide adequate training for all persons who use work equipment. This includes training in how the equipment should be used, the risks involved and precautions to be taken.
Q: What is the difference between manual and electric pallet trucks?
What is the difference between manual and electric pallet trucks? Basic electric pallet trucks range from 2,000 to 6,000 pounds capacities. These perform similarly to a manual pallet truck, but the main difference is that the electric motor assists in propelling the truck and raising and lowering forks. In most cases, forks in electric pallet trucks can be raised higher.
Q: What are the three main types of pallet handling trucks?
Electric Pallet trucks are essential in moving pallets in and around warehouses. There are three main types available including hand pallet jacks, walkie pallet trucks and ride-on pallet trucks.
Q: What class is a manual pallet jack?
Class 3 Forklift Model Types There are three main types of class 3 forklifts. Pallet Jacks: A manual or electric powered tool used to lift and move pallets. Most often used to unload trailers or move loads around a warehouse quickly.
Q: Is a pallet truck manual handling?
Is a pallet truck manual handling? Obviously, the use of a manually powered pallet truck involves transporting loads by pushing and / or pulling of the load using bodily force and therefore the regulations will apply.
Q: What is a hand pallet truck called?
Also called “double fork pallet jacks” or “hand pallet trucks,” manual pallet jacks are the most basic type of pallet jack. A basic CLARK manual pallet jack. These are hand-operated using a handle and lever to control the lifting/lowering of the forks and the horizontal travel.
Q: What are the two main types of pallet trucks?
Pallet trucks are horizontal handling equipment designed to facilitate the operator's work when moving heavy, generally palletized loads. They reduce the required effort and working time. There are several types of pallet trucks: manual, semi-electric and electric.
Q: What is the difference between a pallet stacker and a pallet truck?
A pallet stacker, is an enhanced version of a pallet truck more suitable to stacking pallets and storing loads within high-level areas.